Safe travel in BOHR buses


Our hygiene and safety concept for you and our employees  - AS OF 03.04.2022: NO MANDATORY MASKS AND "ZERO G" IN OCCASIONAL transport

The safety and health of our guests and employees is our highest priority. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept, so that you also have a safe travel feeling during Corona.

Washing/disinfecting hands
Please wash or disinfect your hands each time be-fore entering the bus.

Compulsory masks and safety distance
Please wear a self-brought medical face mask (sur-gical mask) or a mask of the standards KN95/N95 or FFP2 during the entire journey and observe the necessary distances when getting in and out.

To ventilate the bus and to visit the toilets suffi cient breaks are made.

Drinks are only served by wearing gloves and mouth-nose-protection from the driver/guide.

Luggage and seat assignment
Luggage is loaded and unloaded exclusively by the driver to and of the baggage compartment. You have your personal seat – you aren’t allowed to use another seat during the entire trip, which only ends by arriving at the destination.

Bus cleaning
After each journey the usual fi nal cleaning will be carried out in future even more intensively.

Ventilation in the bus
Our buses are equipped with the latest air con-ditioning systems with powerful fi lters and direct fresh air supply, which regularly exchange the air completely.

On-board toilet
Due to hygienically reasons, the on-board toilet has to remain unfortunately closed. However, we are taking enough breaks.

If you show symptoms of a respiratory disease at the start of the journey, you are unfortunately ex-cluded from transportation. If the symptoms occur while driving, you will be separated from other people and you have to abort the trip as soon as possible. In particular, any contact with other peo-ple has to be avoided and a minimum distance of 1.50 meters has to be preserved to other people.

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Did you know?

According to current findings, a rapid exchange of air reduces the risk of viruses spreading. The high-performance ventilation and air-conditioning systems in our coaches meet the necessary requirements for this.

In addition, our trained staff ensure a permanently high proportion of fresh air in the interior with professional operation - before, during and after the journey.

Furthermore we ensure continuous optimization of our fleet through effective equipment and retrofit options. Measures such as active filters with antiviral function, disinfectant dispensers and software updates for maximum fresh air supply have been proven to reduce the risk of infection.