Our EL21 deserves the title "largest limousine in Europe" without question! Up to 21 passengers at a time can enjoy a trip in maximum comfort.

Your place under the sun

The 1+1 configuration and the widly tilting seats, allow all passengers to enjoy ample space for relaxed travel.

The bags are packed!

Thanks to generous baggage compartments located under the vehicle, you will not have to choisr from your favorite clothes.

Professional and committed

Both our drivers and our travel assistants are at your disposal to ensure that your trip in our limousine EL21 become an unforgettable moment.

Welcome aboard!

EL21 in the limousine, the word travel makes sense. The service being provided by our crew, you do not have one concern: to relax.

A new dimension to bespoke transportation

Let yourself literally engulfed by the extra wide seats in 1+1 configuration. The view through the wide panoramic roof will make you forget that you are aboard a rolling vehicle.


Our EL21 fully deserves the title of the ‘largest limousine in Europe’! Up to 21 passengers can travel in exceptional comfort. The large leather seats, available in 1+1 formation, means they can be turned 180 degrees to provide a face-to-face configuration.

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The equipment fulfils all your wishes:

  • four LCD screens
  • individual electrical sockets
  • Bewegliche Tische
  • fully equipped kitchen with draft beer dispenser
  • refrigerators and toilets

Furthermore, in order to ensure that every journey becomes a special event, on-board service is provided by our travel assistant throughout the whole journey.


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Fax: +49 (0) 6543 5019-16

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