Mercedes – A real office on wheels

Enjoy a privileged workspace on all business trips

Save precious time

Equipped table, wi-fi and driver divider, the limousine EL04 is areal mobile office. Use your time wisely and enjoy a privileged workspace.

Opt for serenity

The Mercedes-Benz EL04 has a spacious interior with refined finishes. Travel aboard an exceptional location with this luxury vehicle, definitely distinctive. Enjoy a real moment of wellness.

Offer the best to your staff

Book your closest collaborators the welcome they deserve: a pleasantly cozy atmosphere to make the most of your travels.

Mobile office

Don't waste aour time during your business trip: the cabin turns into a mobile office. Special equipment business Partition, functional interior, reducing shocks: work in the best conditions, while traveling.

Discreet and helpful staff

Lead your meetings confidential! Our drivers are there to surpass your expectations while providing total discretion.

The business vehicle of choice

 Enjoy a privileged workspace for all your business trips


Equally stylish and comfortable, the EL04 limousine is a genuine office on wheels which can carry up to four passengers.

The partition separating the chauffeur from the passenger cabin allows you to work in complete privacy while travelling to your destination.


The vehicle has integrated screens, two large tables for work with in-built storage, electrical sockets, USB ports and more. Moreover, there is also Wi-Fi, individual lighting, a top-of-the-range audio system, coffee machine and a fridge on board.

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